What We're Doing, What We're Reading - May 31, 2016

Last week we celebrated Proof Point Day, recognizing some of our first generation college graduates! We took to social media to share a quote from NECSN CEO Kyle Rosenkrans:


And our Connecticut Advocacy Manager Jose Alfaro also shared what Proof Point Day means to him!

On the Blog


Achievement First Hartford held Senior Signing Day for its first graduating class! It was an incredible celebration as all 36 graduates shared their stories and where they will be attending college this fall.


Citizen Stewart penned a great piece on the vitriol of some anti-ed reform personalities on social media that we shared on the blog: If only they attacked racial gaps in student achievement like they attack Campbell Brown.


The New York Twenty series is still going strong. Take some time to get to know Bronx charter dad Chaney Yelverton, who found the perfect school option for his daughters with Girls Prep Charter School!

And if you didn't know, we're coming up on the 20th anniversary of charter schools in Connecticut! Stay tuned for some exciting new content tomorrow...

New York News

This is the best video you're going to see this week. Bronx Charter School for Better Learning students conducted a Q&A, and it is going to put a smile on your face:

James Merriman of the New York City Charter School Center took to the Daily News to lay down some wisdom on accountability means for charters.

Regent Judith Johnson wants to see an overhaul of charter school funding and how they operate.

From the Wall Street Journal: Success Academy Charter Schools Plans to Share Curriculum Online.

NYC schools are trying to reduce segregation, and were given the green light to bend a few rules to do it.

Connecticut News

The Senior Signing Day at Achievement First Amistad High School picked up some awesome coverage from Fox, and the New Haven Register shared a photo album as well.

Danbury City Councilmember Irving Fox calls for a charter school in the community, saying:

"As things stand, we have a high-quality school system that’s in need of additional seats. If our community were given the opportunity to propose a charter that fits the needs of our families and students, it would drastically improve our portfolio of educational options."

From the CT Post: Bridgeport school board sticks with Teach for America.

And from the Register: New Haven schools see need to "accelerate and expand" teacher diversity.

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What We're Doing, What We're Reading - May 31, 2016
What We're Doing, What We're Reading - May 31, 2016
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