What We're Doing, What We're Reading - April 12, 2016

Last week was exciting. Budget developments in Connecticut, the launch of our podcast, a lot was happening all around. Here is what we have had our eyes on...

The Appropriations Committee proposed cutting $1.7 million from Connecticut charter schools. NECSN CT State Director Jeremiah Grace responded to the cuts saying:

"The state’s well-regarded charter school educators cannot continue to produce strong results and meet the demand of rapidly growing waitlists if the state doesn’t fix its broken system for funding all public schools—charter, district or otherwise. Even in a budget crisis, the fact remains that the state’s economic future will depend how well we prepare our children to succeed."

Did you know there are more than 250,000 podcasts on iTunes? Our new podcast isn't one of them - but you can listen to it now on Extra Credit!

On the first episode of The Grade, Interim NYS Director Andrea Rogers stops by to talk about the New York budget and what it means for charter schools. You'll love it. Take some time and listen to it.


Last week in New Haven, Park City Prep Charter School's Bruce Ravage decried unfair funding for the Bridgeport district and charter schools at the Yale Education Leadership Conference.


And if you're in Buffalo, head over to St. John Baptist Church on Saturday at 11am for a charter school community day of celebration! You can apply for a charter school, and there will be a voter registration drive as well as free food, music and entertainment! Click the image for the flyer:


On the Blog


Three new entries in the New York Twenty series are up! Meet Latoya Taitt, a parent from Albany; Judy Gozdalski, a Buffalo grandparent; and Michelle Navas, a Bushwick mom.

And seriously, would ya just listen to our podcast? It is very informative, and there is a nice collection of helpful links for you to learn more about what this budget means.


NECSN in the News

NECSN CT State Director Jeremiah Grace commented on discipline and charter school performance in the Hartford Courant.

Education Post shared our NY 20 piece on Henry Johnson Charter School parent Latoya Taitt.

New York News


If you are a fan of smiling and happiness, then you will love this video from Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School.

And Utica Academy of Science students showed off their talents at Utica College's science fair.

Assemblyman Marcos Crespo and New York City Charter School Center CEO James Merriman teamed up to discuss how charter schools open the door for English Language Learners.

It is testing time in New York. Check out how PUC Achieve Charter School in Rochester is approaching the exams! Hint: They're pretty excited.

Troy Preparatory Charter School is a success story!

Huffington Post looked at Community Roots Charter School in Brooklyn and its work to serve a diverse student body. 

The Buffalo News talked charters in an editorial on the record increase in education funding.

Also from the Buffalo News: West Buffalo Charter School is expanding.

And twin 10th graders at Inwood Academy for Leadership Charter School were offered an opportunity to study at the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School of the American Ballet Theatre, one of the top dance schools in the country!

Connecticut News

The Board of Education approved a one-year delay on the link between test scores and teacher evaluations, but will not delay it further. The Hartford Courant showed support for the link in an editorial.

Capital Prep Harbor student Jermaine Smith talked about the need for fair funding in a piece for CT News Junkie.

Katie Roy of the Connecticut School Finance Project called for advocates to come together to and work toward a fair system of school funding.

Achievement First launched a blog and it has GIFs and is wonderful. Check it out!

NECSN Blogs and Press Releases

Charter School Association Responds to Proposed Cuts in Funding - 4/6/2016
Buffalo Charter Schools to Hold Community Day of Celebration - 4/11/2016

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