The Grade - Episode 1 - The New York Budget

Our first episode!


Jess and Joe from our Communications team kick The Grade off with a wonderful guest: NECSN Interim NYS Director Andrea Rogers. Andrea sits down with the team to discuss what last week's New York State budget deal means for charter schools. Listen now!

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Quick budget recap:

  • Charter school children – from Buffalo to New York City – will receive a boost in funding, estimated at $430 per student, totaling more than $54 million. 
  • The terrible poison-pill anti-charter school provisions contained in the Assembly’s one-house budget resolution were rejected in the final budget.
  • For schools eligible for facilities aid in New York City, the planned switch to lease aid from rental aid was eliminated. While a technical change, this is a big win for these schools.

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The Grade - Episode 1 - The New York Budget
The Grade - Episode 1 - The New York Budget
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