Tell us, how are charter schools "Making Black History Today?"

February is Black History Month, and we are looking for a few good writers to participate in an exciting blog series!


This month, we want to focus on the ways in which charter schools are "Making Black History Today."

A 2016 survey from The American Federation for Children showed that 76 percent of African-Americans support school choice, including charter schools. On average, Black students attending charters outperform their district school counterparts on state tests. And as we see first-hand in neighborhoods across New York and Connecticut, charter schools are creating avenues of hope in historically underserved Black communities, empowering Black educators and families, and educating the young Black leaders of tomorrow in unique and innovative ways.

Throughout the month, we'll be exploring this topic with school leaders, families and students. But we also want to hear from you! How do you see charter schools "Making Black History Today" in your communities? We invite you to submit a 250 - 500 word blog post on the topic, which we will then post right here on Extra Credit! All submissions should include the author’s name, photo and a one-sentence bio. We will welcome submissions throughout the month of February, and they can be sent to

Please note that your submission may be edited for length and clarity.

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Tell us, how are charter schools "Making Black History Today?"
Tell us, how are charter schools "Making Black History Today?"
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