Kyle responds to the so-called AQE

Yesterday NECSN CEO Kyle Rosenkrans penned an open letter to charter opponents who have intensified their attacks on schools and children. This morning they tried spinning Kyle's words and twisting the facts. Kyle responds...

First, it's funny you’d respond since you weren’t included on the letter. Perhaps it’s time you dropped the charade and your bogus name and just said who you are.

Second, we have no problem with districts getting as much money as they need to run strong schools and prepare students for the future. You have never heard our schools oppose state aid to public education in all its forms.

We also support districts getting the mandate relief they have sought for years so they can have administrative flexibility. And we support any and all effective programs that help teachers become better at their craft. School children can benefit from all these things.

I have to tell you, given the way you and your bosses have denigrated charter schools and our mission over the years I’m surprised you’d even want us advocating with you for these initiatives. You have a funny way of inviting us to join your efforts.

What we have a problem with is you trying to hurt the students in our schools because you’re upset that we even exist.

You see this as a battle of ideology and institutional control. We see this as an attempt to help kids get a better education.

You see educational equity as a zero-sum game, to wit: if charter students get something, district schools lose something; Until districts get every penny you think they deserve, charter students should get no increase. That logic is the height of all inequity — it is picking winners and losers among children.

The other big difference we have is urgency. Parents and children in Buffalo, Rochester, Harlem, Bed-Stuy, Flatbush, Bushwick, the South Bronx, Crown Heights and other communities in our state don’t have time to wait for another multi-year plan. They want better options now.

We’re trying to help them and empower them. You and the folks you work for appear only interested in blocking the door.

Why is that?

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Kyle responds to the so-called AQE
Kyle responds to the so-called AQE
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