ISAAC finds a unique way to show off their school

The Interdistrict School for the Arts And Communications in New London recently celebrated their school and raised funds for their year-end student activities.  

The school’s Celebration of Learning and Multicultural Dinner also gave parents and the community a chance to see the projects students have been working on for the past few months.


But perhaps the most unusual and entertaining part of the evening happened as folks walked through the door: attendees were greeted with a smile and a scavenger hunt checklist. To complete the checklist, attendees needed to travel to different classrooms along the building’s four floors and interview teachers about their curricula. It was an ingenious way to get to know the facility as well as the faculty.

While the scavenger hunt was in full swing, Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) was serving a buffet-style dinner in the cafeteria. Folks were encouraged to participate in a raffle and silent auction as well.

The event was a smashing success, with well over 150 community members in attendance including Representative Mike France, Representative John Scott, and Representative Kathleen McCarty. It was wonderful to see the lawmakers show their support after meeting with ISAAC parents and NESCN earlier this month to discuss the important role ISAAC plays in the community.


By the end of the event, the school was able to raise more than $1350 for their students. Hats off to the ISAAC staff and parents for putting on organizing such a wonderful night!

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ISAAC finds a unique way to show off their school
ISAAC finds a unique way to show off their school
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