Last week was pretty exciting in New York...


That's right. Before WrestleMania weekend kicked off, the New York State budget was finalized. What a journey we went on! Take a minute to walk down memory lane with us.

As session got underway, Governor Cuomo showed support for charters in his budget proposal. When the Senate and Assembly released their proposals, the Senate once again showed unwavering support for our schools. But when we saw the Assembly proposal we were like:


In case you forgot how bad that proposal was, you can read what Interim NYS Director Andrea Rogers and Director of Data and Research Wendy Nelson had to say about it.

We fought to make sure the Assembly's movement-killing language didn't make it into the final deal. As anti-charter groups turned up the heat last week, our fearless leader Kyle penned an open letter to the "edu-stablishment" and even went on TWC's Capital Tonight to strike back at the critics.


Then came the all-nighter. On Thursday evening, the team was up late waiting to see bill language, and Andrea was sitting in front of her computer all night like:


But we made it through, and when it was all said and done charter schools statewide won big on the budget. What this budget means for New York charters:

  • Charter school children – from Buffalo to New York City – will receive a boost in funding, estimated at $430 per student, totaling more than $54 million. 
  • The terrible poison-pill anti-charter school provisions contained in the Assembly’s one-house budget resolution were rejected in the final budget.
  • For schools eligible for facilities aid in New York City, the planned switch to lease aid from rental aid was eliminated. While a technical change, this is a big win for these schools.

It was a long, crazy few months, but we are honored to represent these amazing schools Albany. And we love being able to help secure a winning budget like this one! We can't wait to do it again next year!

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