20 Grads: Perfect Student at the Perfect School

20 Grads in 20 Days: June marks a huge anniversary in Connecticut. Twenty years ago this month, Governor John Rowland signed the law allowing public charter schools to exist in the state of Connecticut! To celebrate, we’re profiling 20 public charter school graduates every day for the first 20 days of June. Enjoy reading about our charter schools and the stellar kids they're educating.

Sanaya John, a Kindergartner at Booker T. Washington Academy (BTWA) enjoys going to school every day with her mom, Denise Hickmon, who teaches there.

Booker T. Washington Academy is “the best school,” says Sanaya. “It’s the perfect school that I always want to be in.”

She’s most proud of the “fun things” she does at BTWA, “like writing, reading, core knowledge, breakfast, and lunch.”

Of all of those, her favorite subject is reading. She especially likes to read her favorite book, “How to Catch an Elephant.”

Sanaya also enjoys being in class with her favorite teacher, Mr. Morrison, who teaches core knowledge. “He’s the best,” she says.

Of everything she learned this year, Sanaya’s favorite piece of knowledge is that everyone should recycle.

According to Sanaya, “it’s important you make sure you don’t litter where you are, pick things up, and throw them in the recycling bin.” She says she’s “disappointed” when she sees adults who don’t recycle. “We have to save the earth so the earth won’t be sick.”

Sanaya also had some important advice for new students, saying they should “focus, learn, respect teachers, treat others the right way, and be kind” if they want to succeed.

When she grows up, Sanaya wants to be an artist. “I want to draw drawings and do arts and crafts,” she says. “Right now, I like to draw flowers in our garden.”

Sanaya also wants a dog named “Cuddles,” a house, a car, and to be a good cook with a perfect broccoli with chicken recipe.

Denise, who joined us for the interview, has seen Sanaya thrive at BTWA. “Booker T. Washington is the best choice I ever made. I’m happy that she’s here – she’s learned a lot, grown a lot, and she’s ready for first grade.”


“My mom is the best mom ever,” Sanaya said toward the end of the interview. “And you’re the best daughter,” her mom replied.

BTWA is undoubtedly the right school for Sanaya. With the support of her mom, dad, and teachers, she’s going to continue succeeding there for years to come.

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20 Grads: Perfect student at the Perfect School
20 Grads: Perfect Student at the Perfect School
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