20 Grads: Leading the Way

Eva Gutierrez is part of Stamford Charter School for Excellence’s (SCSE) first class of Kindergarten graduates. She’s made the most of the opportunity, and is more than ready for first grade.

Her teacher this year, Ms. Malcolm, is her favorite. “She teaches us a lot and she really does great on making us learn more. I appreciate that.”


“This school is a lot of work, but I love it because we get to learn different things every day,” she said. “When I first came, I didn’t know the days of the week. But then, Ms. Malcolm told us the days of the week and had us sing the song every day, and now we know them!”

Eva learned more than just the days of the week, though. Her favorite thing she learned this year is subtraction. “I like when you get to use your fingers to subtract, and use the plus and minus signs.”

Along with Ms. Malcolm, Eva really appreciates the support her parents give her every day.


“My mom is my hero because she takes care of me and makes me lunch every day before I go to school, like chicken nuggets,” she said.

And Eva’s dad reads her favorite book, Charlotte’s Web, to her. “I like that the spider was going to help the piggy,” she said.

“My mom does my lunch so I want to thank her for that. And my dad reads me books, so I want to thank him for that.”

Eva’s mom, Amy, has seen her daughter grow by leaps and bounds over the past year. “Eva was always a very bright girl and quick learner, and here she has been academically challenged and she has blossomed,” she said. “We’re so incredibly proud of her.”

Her father, David, agrees: “From the beginning of the year to now, there’s an amazing difference. She’s reading chapter books and writing on her own, doing things she came into the school not knowing how to do.”

Though she has a few years before she needs to start thinking about her career, Eva already knows what she wants to do for a living: “I want to be a doctor because I like helping people and helping others. I think it’s good for the community.”

With the support of her parents, teachers, and friends at SCSE, Eva’s ready to take on first grade, college, medical school, and beyond!


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20 Grads: Leading the Way
20 Grads: Leading the Way
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