20 Grads: Brass City a Fan Favorite

For Tiffani Jackson, graduating kindergarten is just as big a step forward as heading to college.

Tiffani, a six-year old at Brass City Charter School, has loved every minute her time learning in class.

“Brass City is great because everybody loves me,” said Tiffani. “I have a lot of friends!”

Her classroom teacher, Ms. Ledversis, is her favorite because she gives lots of hugs. This week, Tiffani finished a project with Ms. Ledversis where her class created a restaurant and then made pancakes, eggs, and bacon.

Now, they’re taking a class trip to iHop to meet people that work in a real restaurant. Tiffani plans to ask the staff how they get all of the ingredients they need to make everyone food.

When she’s not in school she likes to play with her teddy bear, Big Bear. They play house, and cook in her “kitchen”.

When she grows up, Tiffani wants to be a firefighter, “because they save the world.”

A few of Tiffani’s favorite things include: Batgirl, her favorite superhero; Frozen, her favorite movie; “Let it Go,” her favorite song from Frozen; Teen Titans Go, her favorite TV show; and her favorite character on Teen Titan’s Go is Raven.

She wanted to thank her parents for buying her ice pops, especially the vanilla and strawberry flavors.

Next year, she’ll be in first grade – she’s excited because she gets to read more often. Her favorite book right now is “Scratchy Ladybug.” Who knows what she’ll get to read next year!

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20 Grads: Brass City a Fan Favorite
20 Grads: Brass City a Fan Favorite
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